GIG REVIEW: Dizzee Rascal comes to Southend…


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THOUSANDS of Dizzee Rascal fans flocked down to the Cliffs Pavilion, Southend, to mark the release of his sixth album: Raskit. It is the first album he has released in four years. The highly anticipated show from the leg of Dizzee’s UK tour sold out within days.

Supporting act on the night, Donae’o, best known for his 2009 hit Party Hard was there to warm things up with his upbeat, funky tunes and kept the crowd engaged by involving them in various hand actions.

Opening act – Donae’o

A varied and diverse group of people filled out the main theatre including the seated balcony area.

Jenny Brooks, 45, from Westcliff said: “I haven’t been a day one fan of Dizzee Rascal so I was worried I would be too old and be one of the only older ones there but I was amazed at how many people my age there were! Dizzee was an amazing entertainer and I had a brilliant night.”

The East London born rapper opened up the show with tracks from his new album starting with Space and Ghost, which were well received. The crowd immediately went wild when Dizzee belted out well-known tracks from his first album: I Luv U, Jus’ A Rascal and Fix Up Look Sharp.

An hour into the show saw two fights break out in the crowd resulting in Dizzee stopping his performance in a bid to try and keep the peace.

Talking into his microphone he said: “Yo yo yo come on! Please, please it’s ok! Chill out, relax.”

Security then jumped over the barriers from the stage and into the crowd to intervene whilst Dizzee pleaded with them not to be harsh,

he said: “Don’t throw them out, just separate them. They’ve paid for their ticket. We want everyone to have a good night tonight.”

Everybody applauded Dizzee and he resumed the show.

The blip it seemed, did not ruin anyone’s night.

Sarah Armes, from Leigh, posted on Facebook: “Was brilliant had an amazing time at the Cliffs last night! Apart from the two incidents but you carried on! Was a great night def wanna [sic] go see you again brilliant! X”

The grime veteran was accompanied by his rapping partner who appeared to be there as a hype-man and backup vocalist, given that Dizzee performed up-tempo tracks for two hours straight. He was noticeably sweating from all the jumping and non-stop rapping, and was seen to be having a few sips of his bottled water when he could.

22529030_1469028703193412_7191097603809511390_oPartners – Dizzee Rascal & rapper friend

IMG_1586Everybody hands up! – Dizzee Rascal gets the crowd going

The show ended with his ‘poppy,’ commercial tracks such as Holiday and Dance Wiv Me, before surprising the audience by coming back for an encore with Bonkers – which spoke for itself!

The lyricist, who was raised in Bow, East London, first rose to fame in 2003 with his first album, Boy In Da Corner before going mainstream and coming away from the UK grime scene. The Raskit album portrays 33-year-old Dizzee Rascal, real name Dylan Kwabena Mills, going back to basics with his original genre of music with an evolved sound.

Paul Driscoll, marketing manager at The Cliffs Pavilion said: “The audience reaction for Dizzee Rascal was very very good. The artist was happy and pleased with the reaction.

“Part of our programme is to ensure we get popular artists across a whole range of spectrums night after night.

“The show was heavily sold out. Where we sell tickets to our events online, they can sell incredibly fast. Any major events need to be booked quickly.”


Where it all started – Dizzee’s debut album from 2003, Boy In Da Corner   


Dizzee-Rascal-Raskit-artRaskit – The latest album



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