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Jammer investigates…

No Smoking in The Booth: A Film About Skunk, Grime and Mental Health

Vice’s music channel; Noisy, released a documentary on the difference between skunk and cannabis – the roles they play on people in the grime industry and the affects it can have on their mental health including psychosis.

Surprisingly, grime legend and BBK member Jammer was the lead reporter for the short film.

Jammer seems to have changed his whole outlook on cannabis culture.

Having always smoked weed and grown up with parents who smoke, on top of being an active member of the UK Grime scene where cannabis culture is prominent, Jammer seems to have matured and realised how naïve it is to think that cannabis has no long-term effects.

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Jammer with his parents

Interestingly, Jammer met with scientists where he established the dangers of cannabis are in fact from skunk. He learnt that skunk has high levels of THC, which can contribute to psychosis.

Jammer also learnt that organic weed produces more CBD which is what gives a more mellow high without the harmful effects of high THC content. Jammer’s parents were quick to point out that they are not fans of skunk and have always smoked ‘organic herb’.

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Skunk or Weed?

The ‘murkle man’ also met with dealers to find out if they could be selling ‘normal weed’ instead. He even visited a charity in South London, which offer a music studio for young people to come and make music as well as offering help and support.

Jammer delved into what help is available for people who have had problems with their mental health because of skunk and how it affects making music.

A real insightful documentary. Big ups to Jammer!

Find the documentary here….

No Smoking In The Booth


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