Drake’s Fire in the Booth drops!



Contrary to his bars featured on Rick Ross’ ‘Aston Martin Music’, Drake has most definitely hit the pinnacles he planned to reach!

Following the release of his latest album – Scorpion – which has unsurprisingly reached no.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has already seen over 1 billion streams, Drizzy’s Fire in the Booth (FITB) dropped on 1Xtra not long after his Link Up TV’s Behind Barz. But was it worth the hype? Drake’s freestyle was seemingly shorter than most.

Drake’s love for the UK and it’s urban music scene is no secret and you can’t not respect it. For years the UK music scene has yearned for the same recognition as the US and we are definitely setting the levels. So appreciation has to be given where it’s due with artists as massive as Drake backing us.

Drake has pioneered his way through the scene with finesse and ease and he is loved universally. But is he the right candidate for a Fire in the Booth? For an artist to do a FITB when their career has already peaked is uncommon. But as we know, Drake loves to pull out surprises!

The beat wasn’t all that and to be honest neither was the freestyle, but will it still go down in history? – probably!

FITB wouldn’t be the same without Charlie’s annoying sound effects but was it really necessary for him to hit the sirens button every ten seconds?  Drake’s overuse of the phrase “Come on” whilst putting on his best British accent was a little cringey but this is Drake we’re talking about – you can get away with a lot when you’re that guy Drizzy!



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