What’s good people? My name is Klo and I’m 30-years-old from Essex.

I have been a journalist for three years now. Music was my primary passion which is why I started this blog. 

Though as you can see there has been no content for the last couple of years as I had no choice but to take a bit of time out from music blogging after finding full time work as a reporter at my local newspaper.

However, I am trying to build up the site again and will be launching a YouTube channel called K Blogz TV bringing you exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes videos.

I am also working on showcasing freestyles, particularly with emerging artists.

I have loved music for as long as I remember – it’s within my heart, my soul and within me!

My page is currently being updated from what it was and I am working on improving it all the time, so any feedback is welcome!

Peace and Love X